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Full Groom

Includes: Shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, brush-out, clipper or scissor cut, nail trim, pads shaved, and ears cleaned.



Bath & Brush

Includes:  Shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry, brush-out, nail trim, paws shaved and ears cleaned.


Nail Trim




Anal Gland Expression

Add to a groom for only $7.

Teeth Brushing

Add to a groom for only $7.

Scissor Cut

price varies





Prices listed are BASE prices, they may increase for a variety of reasons including: 

condition of the coat (matting, burrs, etc.), size of dog, behavior, and presence of fleas or ticks.

Prices INCLUDE sales tax.



Full Groom                            Start at $62 

Depends on Breed, Call for specific estimate




Yorkie, Maltese       $62+

Shih tzu                   $65+

Cocker Spaniel        $75+

Goldendoodle          $95+

Golden Retriever     $60+

*Longer haircuts are more time intensive and therefore cost more than a short shave. 


Bath & Brush                       

Depends on size of dog

Smooth Coat $37+

Long Hair $54+

Add Ons: 
Hand Scissor                       add $5-30


Anal Gland Expression        $7
Teeth Brushing                    $7                
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